Random Team Selector

The Project:

Random Team Selector

For a fencing fundraising event all attendees were being divided into two separate teams Pirates and Ninjas. This box was used to separate the two, the hand outline had a button in it, and each side had an LED on it to signify the outcome.

Design Constraints

  • Ease of construction – This was an accent piece, it had to be done without to much extra work.
  • Cost – Again this is a accent piece it shouldn’t cost to much.
  • Timeline – Finish everything before the event, code was started only hours before (other projects had priority).

My Role

  • Circuit design – This was easy, I borrowed a small dev board added two switches and LED’s.
  • Mechanical Design – Cut some boards, drilled some holes, again this was simple.
  • Lead Coder – Wrote the code, again simple.

Lessons Learned

  • Dev Boards – These shave tons of time off of development. Total electrical development time ~2.5 hours.
  • Simplicity – Even though there wasn’t that much going on. Everyone, especially the kids loved pressing the button.


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