Illuminated Tile

The Project:

Illuminated Tile

For our graduation our small team of electrical engineering students decided to put an solar powered illuminated floor tile in the entranceway of the engineering building. The plan was to have it charge during the day, and illuminate itself at night.

Design Constraints

  • Design Aesthetics – This would represent our group for many years, we had to show up the other faculties and our future faculty.
  • Ease of construction – It had to be built in my student house garage with available tools, in the middle of Canadian winter.
  • Cost – We were all poor students so costs had to be kept down but the fact that there were seven of us made it easier.
  • Timeline – Finish before our Kipling ceremony, in two days!

My Role

  • Circuit design – Worked with Mike Kadonoff to spec out our analog circuit.
  • Board design – Created the boards that held the LED’s on the size, created the etched board and logo for size illumination.
  • Enclosure design– Worked with the rest of the team to design an enclosure that would try to withstand the elements.
  • Random Assembler – Assembled what had to be assembled with the help of the team.


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