So motors are expensive. The old standard was the EV Warrior motor but it was discontinued.  After searching The Robot MarketPlace. I found the AME 210, there are both left hand and right hand versions for about 26 bucks and it produces around the stall torque is ~ 10 Nm.  I grabbed the step file from the AM Equipment Website. Time to select some materials for the robot chassis.

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Good News

So I told my friends that I was on the lookout for track making materials. My friend Dan told me that his former neighbour was throwing  out an old treadmill. After checking it out, and managing to put it in my car. I am now the proud owner of an old shitty treadmill, well actually now its  old shitty treadmill pieces.  New plan, use the treadmill following the initial outline from Steve Tyng’s T34 tank build. link Some changes I want to make are to cast the internal track pieces in plastic and the outside in rubber from a template initially made out of wood, I’ll also see if I can cast the internal wheels in plastic. If I have anything left over ill donate it to anyone trying to build a Tracked Bot. Below are pictures of the mangled treadmill.


Mangled Parts


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Bot Outline

Here is the basic layout of the components I want in the bot.  In its most simple case the components  needed are.

  • Battery
  • Motors
  • Drive system (connecting motors to tracks)
  • Tracks
  • Control Electronics
  • Frame


The first step that I made was trying to find out how to make the tracks, I figured that this would determine the relative size and shape of the Bot. Here are some of the resources that I have been using.

The RC tank combat group has some tutorials on different methods of making tank treads for their robots including using  bike chains, old treadmills, conveyer belts etc…  They explain a lot on their how to pages.  link

They also have a section on casting some tank tread Pads with PMC-790 urethane rubber from Smooth-On. link


Another idea was to use timing belts I borrowed a catalogue that had belts by a manufacture called Browning. The most promising results came from their Poly-V line-up, sadly when I went online to find prices everything seemed to cost around $70-$80 per belt. Browning had Grip band belts (also expensive). I did manage to find a drive train belt that was 1 3/8″ wide. link

Goodyear also has their Gatorback  belts, these are like the Browning Poly-V belts but cheaper, its vey hard to find widths of these belts


Gripband Belt


Poly V Belt

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