Fencing Scoring Box (Physical Assembly)

I partake in the sport of fencing. Anyone who is involved in fencing knows of the cost of both personal equipment, safety stuff and the cost of club equipment, scoring boxes and reel’s. Seeing as I like to design electrical equipment it seemed I should look into designing a fencing scoring box.


I have documented  the physical assembly see soon for the electrical layout and software!

Here is the goal.


Holes were cut out of the end pieces of aluminum to accommodate the fencing sockets. The center hole is 20mm from the left and 15mm from the right hole.


I tested the fit of the sockets to make sure I had a little wiggle room.


To get the correct spacing a fencing plug was inserted and then the sockets were tightened down. This way they were forced into the correct location.

Here is a shot of the sockets from the back.

A slot for the power barrel was cut with a dremel tool, its ugly but the cover of the power barrel covered up my small ugly mistakes.

Here is the slot and the barrel adapter.

The next two images show the adapter mounted in the slot

Putting everything back together

With the Plastic outer shroud on.

The cut-out for the power switch, again just using a dremel cutting disk.

Cut-out and Power Switch

Power Switch Mounted notice again it covers any mistakes made while cutting it out.

With the Sockets mounted to the main case.

The power barrel side

Cutting and Crimping wires for the adapters that connect to the  board.

Cheap RadioShack Crimpers doing their job.

Wires Crimped and ready to solder onto the sockets

Everything wired and ready for final assembly.

See soon for an update on the front light assembly!


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