NRF24L01+ Breakout


The NRF24L01+ QFN Chip

For I project I was doing I wanted to have short range low power wireless communication. For this I chose the NRF24L01+ by Nordic Semiconductor. To test out whether or not I could solder this QFN chip to a circuit board made on a small CNC mill. carries a board that also breaks out this chip, but my plan was to test both whether or not I could solder the chip onto the board, and how my layout (mostly the antenna placement and routing) would effect wireless performance. The board I came up with is shown below, eagle files are hereĀ WirelessRadioBreakout V05. I changed the antenna to a basic quarter wavelength wire antenna. I was also very unimpressed with the code that was given on the website so I also started to write a library for the wireless radio module it is here. I will try to write a short tutorial of how to use it. 's Breakout board for the NRF24L01+

The Board I came up with.



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